As contemporary performance aesthetics gear more and more toward the (re)presentation of the performance process as crucial, if not, central to the totality of the performance experience – from Brecht to Boal, to Bourriard to Ranciere – Con.Currents attempts to interrogate as well as capture the flow and transformation of ideas, bodies and narratives through collaborative/creative-curatorial performance-making, conversations, and modalities of spectatorship.

Poster for Con.Currents
CON.CURRENTS: Points of Sublation

The many works included in Con.Currents draw from various move-ment/performance research questions: from new materialities and (re)mediations of live bodies in relation to the narrative of the disappeared using lights, shadows and soundscapes in work #3 (Pineda, Bulan, Sonido and Diego); to drilling deeper into site-specific embodiments and the consciousness of translating movement experiences onto different bodies in works #1 and #2 (Pineda, Laniog, Samaniego and Sonido); to continuing experimentations, connections and contradictions in hiphop dance, cultural movements, and contemporary performance in work #4 (Pineda, Gotangco and Sonido). Even Yraola’s curatorial concept for this particular project, and Laniog’s later attempt at choreography, which aspires to distill the insights from and process of the performance research and experience, are not efforts to propose a unifying concept that “summarizes” or “answers” the various questions that each work/process tried to deal with. Rather, they present new flow(s) in the same stream of conversation.

Con.Currents converges different flows to a point of continuous unfolding in various junctures and spaces — a concurrence of ever-surging, ever-evolving currents. Viewing the exhibit is, therefore, both an experience of a specific performance and yet, also, a moment in the performance’s unfolding — a totality that perpetually invokes continuation and is thus ever only a fraction.

This flow describes a new kind of mutual consciousness between and among collaborators, materials, sites, bodies, embodiments, and even spectators. These currents never end, but we attempt to capture moments of their unfolding in the hope that, in flowing, we learn to be keener, humbler, and ever more engaged in how our bodies, insights, and spaces of movement, in the unlikeliest ways — yet always inevitably — converse.

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Creative Team for Con.Currents:

Roselle Pineda (over-all concept and curation)
Loujaye Sonido (video curation)
Elena Laniog (choreographer and movement)
Dayang Yraola (Con.Currents exhibition curator)
Sarah Samaniego (movement)
Jesse “Reflex” Gotangco (choreography and movement)
Lorelei Bulan (choreography and movement)
Marx “Tala” Diego (soundscapes for Sagot)
UP Dance Company (performers)


September 8, 2017 | 5pm | Curator’s Walk Through and Opening
September 15, 2017 | 4pm | Conversations: Reflex Gotangco and Roselle Pineda on Hip-Hop and Contemporary
September 19 2017 | 4pm |Conversations: Elena Laniog and Roselle Pineda on Site-Specific Performance Making
September 26-29, 2017 | 7pm | Movement Provocations with Elena Laniog and the UP Dance Company
September 26-29, 2017 | International Conference on Performance Curation 2017 by the Performance Curators Inititives (PCI)


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