Performance Curators Initiatives and UP Dance Company presents
CON.CURRENTS | Movement Provocations

September 26-29, 2017 | every 7 o’clock in the evening

21414866_145541326046942_7167855796179302707_oCon.Currents | Movement Provocations is one of the iterations of a long conversation on movement site and body. Taking off from the movement research movement without moving and points of sublation, it is primarily an exercise in reflection and articulation of the complex dialectical encounters between and amongst collaborators, body, time and space

Roselle Pineda (Performance Curation and Dramaturgy)
Maria Elena Laniog (Choreography)
Loujaye Sonido (Video Artist)
Laya Roman (Video Curation)
Roselle Pineda (Visual Design)
Marx Diego (Additional Soundscapes)
Roselle Pineda, Elena Laniog and Loujaye Sonido (Movement Research)
UP Dance Company (Performers)

Tickets prices:
Regular: P300 | Student: P200
*Only 30 slots per show.
For reservations, please contact Angela Cepeda at 0915 799 5610


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As part of the performance experience, audiences are welcome to shoot videos/photos for the collaborative documentation of Con.Currents | Movement Provocations. Those contributing video footage and photos may:

(a) upload the video files to or

(b) send us a download link through

Please make sure to include YOUR NAME and the SHOW DATE in the folder or file name of your upload to help us facilitate proper attribution.

For very large file transfers, please coordinate with Ms. Loujaye Sonido (


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